Tactical Digital Healthcare Solutions

Identifying and implementing better way's to do business and deliver services is our ultimate goal.

Our team identify's the needs of industry to understanding pain points and creates digital services to transform business outcomes and improve service expectations.

The Team

Synergy has at its core a team of highly experienced professionals in a range of international industry and business sectors ranging from Pharmaceuticals and Biochemistry through Environmental Science and Technology to Renewable Energy.

By bringing this combined talent and experience to bear on specific, focused project deliverables we can offer cost-effective and timely solutions across the full application life cycle and supply chain.

Neil McKay

As Chief Executive Officer, Neil draws on his extensive business management experience, while maintaining awareness of the competitive market landscape, identifying, qualifying and scaling new business opportunities, in line with industry developments and market trends. He also drives strategic partnerships and the company's high social responsibility wherever it does business, assessing risks to the company and ensuring they are monitored and minimised, setting the strategic goals and making sure they are measurable and describable.

Jacqui Shand Bsc (Hons)

As Head of Learning and Development, Jacqui holds a Bsc (Hons) in Biological Sciences followed by period of postgraduate research in microbiology & toxicology where she discovered a life-long passion for releasing the potential in people through lecturing and supervising the learning of students at undergraduate level. Her experience allows her not only to successfully convey, complex scientific or technical information in the most accessible way for learners, but to link this with keen commercial awareness to maximise financial return to clients.

Ashley Milne

As Head of Innovation, Ashley has been working in innovative and disruptive technologies since the late 90’s with over 20 years of experience. He was working with cloud and digital transformation long before these terms were invented helping many businesses change , adapt and benefit through the digital world. Solution, efficiency, and benefit through technology are his strengths. At Synergy energy resources Ash is our Head of Innovation with an extensive back ground in innovation the energy sector with technological advancement through cloud, data sharing and web based technologies.

James Lamond BSc PgDEng MSc MBA

As Head of International Business Development, James has a wealth of experience across industrial and business sectors (Energy, Environment, Biology and Business Management). James has Degrees in Biology, Marine Engineering, Environmental Chemistry and Business and has worked with major Multinationals, SME’s and start-ups identifying opportunities, developing strategy and bringing opportunities to market. James has worked with Government Bodies (Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries-Scotland, United Nations Environment Program, Dept of Trade and Industry and Institutions to add value.

Bob Gentle

As Head of Digital Marketing, Bob leads the digital marketing initiatives for the company as well as helps digital entrepreneurs and business owners around the world discover, set and achieve their goals online - then build a business they love.

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